Feedback: Aegean Battleships


But when it's coming to buying more ammunition, the prices for these are rediculous. 10 ammunition is exactly one shot and 1/10 of the ammunition you can get per day. and this one single shot costs 150 gold. This seems to be a very high price for it.
After some days are over, I have to say that the gold costs are strange. I don't feel comfortable with it. You can buy a limitless amount of ammunition for always the same price. When the prices would increase each time you buy it I would feel more comfortable with it.

My first thought on this was that 150 gold is a lot for one additional shot. But there are many many rewards in this event (too many to be honest) and the fact, that the prices don't increase at all it is really low for powergolders but a high price for occasional gold users. Personally, I prefer the increasing system.
Rewards already obtained will remain as they are, the fix is for new rewards.
No, sorry. The only thing fixed yesterday seems to have been yesterday´s special reward (Pegasoi Level I).

I have just obtained this swordsmen reinforcement, and as you can see, the game progress (4 in my case) is not yet taken into account:

Should be 6 (unit base value) x 3 (game speed zz13) x 4 (my game progress level) x 4 (hours) = 288 swordsmen

And here the same again, Grand prize (Pegasi level II):

Should be 12 x 2 hours. (Game speed 3, game progress 4)