Fixed Event : stop messages !!!


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Uhm... how do you see that you're keep getting new messages if you can't open the world? :/
Apparently it's fixed for the other players, I guess it should for you as well. Let me know if you get some new info.

In the meantime, the situations seems stable now, (almost) no more messages. I've been informed that tomorrow morning the devs will try to remove the spam.

Thank you everyone for the patience and collaboration!
I don´t see it, I only hear it. Maybe it´s only the delayed sound of messages already come in. I play with sound settings enabled, that´s the issue...

Deleted account

actually 2662 messages
This is the winner
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Update: I just deleted the message count at the lower right side of the screen. Then I deleted all (messages) and all the messages were deleted. This is zz8.


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Good thing that I didn't go to sleep yet, I'm trying to reach the devs :)


why do not you introduce a new feature?

Mark all as read
Mark as read
Mark all
Delete all

And new "delete all duplicate messages except one"
Some variation:


More than 999 messages "Daily winner" (on zz7), and with each of them came the reward (if I remember right from the last time it happened). Would be fun to take a look at the extended inventory, but it won´t open...^^

Btw, as it seems event day 15 has gone missing in the process. On March 26, the spam messages were about event day 14, while yesterday´s messages were about event day 16. That explains what had been done to "fix" the issue in the first place but the missing day will make it harder for some players to get the hero.
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The spam wasn't only about messages apparenty :p

Please do not use the gazillion items in the extended inventory, we're going to remove them.