Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Divine spell not repoted and question


Ingame Nick: esclaramonde
Affected world(s):
Browser: Firefox
Reproduction steps:
  1. .two divin spells on two attacks
  2. .
Detailed error description (What you see):
The city owner under attack applied two spells, the Wisdom was reported, the Desire was only seen on the CS landing in Commands, but was not reported - I verified Divine and only one report is there

Question: Why only 54 BPs and so many killed units ? see screenshot - morale is 37% true, yet :
- improved attack
- land strategy on
- no wall
I may be wrong, just asking if this is OK.



It looks like as if the defendig units were from an alliance member or a pact member.
I hope that's the case. If that were the units from the city owner, it might be a bug...

Count together all opponent's farm spaces: 78 + 4*3 + 3*4 + 11*3 = 135.
If it were friendly units, you get only 20% of the battle points, which results in 135 * 0.2 = 27.
As a final step, you multiply this by 2 because of your divine battle strategies: 27 * 2 = 54.