Acknowledged Demolish building

Ingame Nick: galanoulis
Affected world(s): zz2
Browser: chrome
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Click to demolish a building.
  2. . Try to demolish a second building
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see):

After clicking on a building to demolish it, it gets in the queue but then it does not allow you to demolish another building as buttons are greyed out!!

How it should be:

Allow to place new demolision in the queue for as long as there is an empty slot in teh construction queu


This is what happens:

After you have selected the tab "Demolition" and placed a demolition order, the senate jumps back to "Upgrade" mode, although the demolition tab is still the selected one.

For example:

You did not notice that the mode changed back to "Upgrade" only because your selected city had not enough resources for any available upgrades (and, of course, the demolition tab is still the selected tab).

In my example, two consecutive clicks intended to demolish the wall resulted in one demolition and one construction order (while the demolition tab is still displayed as the selected one). And that´s clearly a bug.

Workaround: You have to click on the demolition tab to "reactivate" it in between all demolition orders you want to place, otherwise you will end up with higher building levels instead of reduced ones...^^

Although my example is also from zz2, the bug occurs in all Beta worlds.
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some windows have also changed their size
when you click something there is sometimes a small jolt to the right

for example Senate, Agora, Barracks, Harbor, Farm
i think only academy, market and temple is old
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