Fixed Culture Overview did not work


open Culture overview and see nothing

Ich müsste rund 800 Stadtfeste bereit haben.
Sie lassen sich unten auch nicht auslösen.
Auch die möglichen Triumphzüge gehen nicht, ebenso Olympic games
Gestern arbeitete alles noch korrekt und ich hatte genausoviele Städte.

I should have around 800 city festivals ready.
They also cannot be triggered below
The possible triumphal moves are also not possible, as are Olympic games.
Yesterday it works fine and I had as many Cities

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Yes, today´s update seems to have broken the culture overview. Festivals, victory processions etc. can only be started via the agora.


Das muss schnell behoben werden und nicht erst nächste Woche
bis dahin verliere ich tausende Stadtfeste
Es ist unzumutbar 800 Feste einzeln auszulösen.

This has to be fixed quickly and not only next week
until then I lose thousands of city festivals
It is unreasonable to trigger 800 festivals individually.


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On a positive note, I just tried and starting them from the bottom panel worked to me.



and very like support formula
did You release temporary files from web browser
and from game local temp save ;) ?
On a positive note, I just tried and starting them from the bottom panel worked to me.

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Well on my case on zz2 this is not working as well....
When pressed nothing happens even if I wait 10 minutes......
and on top of that every time I refresh (F5) the page I get the 502 internal error that Buffy mentioned earlier...
And this how it is from teh morning.. no change at all....

There is an old saying in the engineering community that says "we do not touch anything on Fridays unless we want to work until Sunday"
and I assume as the patch that was applied today morning created this issue (which as Buffy also mentioned is not a minor one) the most wise thing would had been a roll back to revert the changes until the root cause is found and resolved.

HAve a nice weekend all


may be, but really bad

the culture overview takes 10 seconds to load on sandbox 2 in 800 cities
on hyperborea (de.) at 550 cities this is done in 2 seconds

something was changed and since then all administrator overviews have been loading much more slowly
the building overview still does not open, but you have to live with that from a certain number of cities


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The performance issue with 500+ towns is well known and it's an unrelated issue from this one.
Are we sure that his is completely fixed?
Because last night and now I tried and I did not see any difference.

Even after 5 minutes the administrative cultural overview did not refresh so as to display the number of cultural levels in progress.

Last night it was not workign at all when the goup was all towns and I had to enter in each group seperately in order to start the festivals.
Now in the morning they started (as I realised later) from teh all towns group but the bar in progress never updated (even after 5 minutes) until I reopened the window.
When I tried same process with 10 parades I had left, everything worked fine.
Is there any chance that the number of festivals to "execute" is also affecting?


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You could consider organizing towns in groups to avoid the performance issue when trying to launch festivals on hundreds of towns at the same time.

The issue reported on this thread is indeed fixed, but if the performance is affected with already 30 towns, that would be a much different scenario that deserves more attention.


you have to reload after triggering the city festivals

Only then will the culture display, the level of resources and the people around the Agora be updated

we will see where the limit for the number of cities lies when the crap comes to the live world


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How many towns do you have when you experience the performance issue? Have you tried creating smaller groups?