Unconfirmed colony ship + brander + any land/myth unit


Hello ,
found on production PL servers ( Mesembria , Nagidos )

last time whe i use this configuration was 1,5-2 months ago on Helike world conquest system , without any problem i conquere a city

1 colony ship + 1 brander unit + land units attack for conquest a city with 120 branders in defence .

from past past years this configuration was works like Hydra attack , thats mean colony ship on new system take over a city and on conquest system start conquest a city . first time when i use this kind of attack or test of branders behaviour depend of conquere system was 2016 ,
from 2016 till 2020.11 works everythink fine ....
even PL Grepolis Team has made a tests in last year to confirm users behaviours of branders

but yestrday i tried conquer a city and with this configuration ( even if icon of attack was as take over a city during a travel ) after reach of destination turn back to original city without start conquest or take over a city on new system .

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Well, we have reported the issue in the German forum, but as follows:

It was always possible to send a CS attack accompanied by only 1 Hydra and 1 land unit against a city with only fire ships defending its harbour, and have the CS land and the siege start. Hydras and Colony Ships are invisible for fire ships - that´s why it works.

It was not possible to send CS attacks accompanied only by fire ships because you need at least one battle ship in your CS attack to start a siege, and fire ships are no battle ships, since they can neither attack nor protect a siege). You can send fire ships as an addition in your CS attack - as long as you have at least one real battle ship in your attack, a siege can start. If there is no proper battle ship in the attack, there won´t be a siege.

During the last year an undocumented change or a bug occurred, widely unnoticed, that allowed the start of sieges under very strange circumstances, sometimes even without battle ships or land units present in the attack, see screenshots in this thread:

Well, that has been fixed by now, obviously - sieges won´t start without at least one proper battle ship and at least one land unit present when the CS attack lands, and that´s correct. On the other hand, it is still possible to send CS attacks accompagnied by fire ships only, and that´s the remaining bug. Such attacks will not start a siege - they simply return to the sender - but you should not even be able to send them in the first place.

The bug was reported to the devs on January 2 by the German support team.


but this with brander wasnt a bug , brander is also battle ship just only for defending ...
it was another solution for large amount of branders defending cities , without using a hydra's

as i wrote before this solution i start using and not only me past years ago ... and works until +/- 11.2020
after new God has been added and other bug with branders highlighted ( siren dont pass and die on branders ;) )
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I said nothing about light ships, I said fire ships. Fire ships = the official name of what you call "brander".

I know there is always some confusion about English unit names - just check in-game or in the wiki, and don´t call people "stupid" before you have done just that.


i didnt say You are stupid , only argumentation .. no matter, my fault of missunderstatnding of brander/fire ships , Sorry for that