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Dear players,
Christmas is slowly coming and we decided to do a small competition for you. The competition will be divided into two separate challenges and you will be able to earn points for completing them. Players with the highest amount of points will receive our Christmas reward - 1st place 1750 gold, 2nd place 1500 gold, 3rd place 1250 gold, 4th-6th place 500 gold each.

The Christmas challenge will run from the 20th of December to the 31st of December.

You can post your answers here:


  1. What is the maximum speed boost you can get for a colony ship (including premium features, mythical units, tokens, buildings, researches and heroes)?
  2. You need one building on a specific level (or higher) to be able to participate in events - what is it and what level?
  3. How many mythical units exist?
  4. What is the maximum population that one city can have (including tokens and gods, excluding temple buffs)?
  5. We have the old farming village system and the new one. Name at least 4 differences between the two of them?
  6. How many heroes do we have?
  7. What was the initial release date of Grepolis?
  8. What is the fastest unit in the game?
  9. Name all daily awards (excluding event daily awards)?
  10. How many coins do you need to upgrade a hero from level 1 to level 20 (without any boost)?
  11. How many gods are in the game?
  12. Can you name both Conquer Systems?
  13. How many research points do you get per one academy level?
  14. What reward do you get for the ‘Lay Cornerstones’ quest?
  15. What is the lowest amount of silver you need for sending a spy?
  16. How many alliance banners can u choose from?
  17. What are the three types of defence?
  18. What is the maximum number of quests available if you have 2 cities. One city is on an island with farms and the other is a rock?
  19. We currently have 5 city skins – name them.
  20. How many oceans are on the grepolis map?


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