Fixed cave problem

Firstly I would recommend that you use the bug report form from so as you also get the gold prize for each valid bug on the beta servers...
Also server name is helpful and needed....
Secondly prior any post you should also check if issue exist without the scripts you are currently using. Also keep in mind that even adblocker can cause issues.....

On this case this is not a bug.
As long as cave is not on level 10 to have the unlimited capacity, spies need to reach target town first in order to be able to store more silver.

For example here you can store up to 6000 silver.
In case you have the spies with 6000 silver in total of gold on the road... in order to ba able to store silver again, they will need to reach destination town. This does not occur if cave is level 10 where you can store as much silver coins as you like.

From the given screenshot looks like spies for town have a total of 6000silver and are on their way to somewhere (not whole commands window visible and definitely not in english as most probably this is not from a beta server but most probably form a polish server)

I just emptied and demolished a cave on zz2 to check and


everything seems OK... able to feed silver in the case with no issues.......

So without scripts, clean cookies, temp files , ensure no spy is travelling and check again....


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
The issue has been fixed with today's update.

Feel free to let us know if the issue is still occurring! :)