Fixed Building levels not working


Calydonian Boar
Ingame Nick: DisturbedFan96
Affected world(s): ZZ12
Browser: Chrome
Reproduction steps:
  1. Enter Senate
  2. Try to upgrade a building
  3. Upgrading does not work, incorrect level shown or it tells me "no further orders possible" although I have room for an upgrade, resources and population.
Detailed error description (What you see):
I want to upgrade a building (Timber camp for example) it shows that it is level 40 but currently I am upgrading it to level 32. And I can not upgrade anything else even if there is room for and upgrade and I have population and resources.

Also when I move to the next city it shows me the same building levels, only the list of upgrading modifies.

How it should be:
The level should be 30 and upgrading to 32, not 40, and and I should be able to upgrade other buildings.



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Calydonian Boar
The senate building in general is unresponsive, you need to close it and then reopen it to show you the current building levels. The harbour and barracks don't work, in the same way as well.
World zz22


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Grepolis Team
The issue has been forwarded to our dev team, thank you for reporting it!
It´s quite simple: Once you have opened senate or barracks or harbour of a city and switch to next city, the open windows are still the ones of the first city. Thus you must open all windows anew for each and every city.

Also the culture tab of the Agora is affected, maybe due to the same root cause. After you have started a city festival the button should become grey - but it stays blue.
There are probably more issues still undetected.


Calydonian Boar
Yes, now I noticed the problems with the barracks and harbour, but in the agora it looks fine, the button is grey for me at the moment, I dont know how it was when I started the festival a few hours ago.
You are correct: As with the other issues, opening the window anew shows the correct status.

That means after starting a city festival (for example) the button stays blue. After closing the agora and opening it again, the button will be grey.