Awaiting feedback Bug attack revolt option

Ingame Nick: moonlight900
Affected world(s): zz24
Browser: Opera GX
Reproduction steps:
  1. .Open attack tab to Olympos from portal
  2. .search revolt key
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see): The revolt key does not seem to be visible if you attack the Olympus via portal. I found this bug in live italian world because I never use the portal on the beta world. I also looked for it on the beta world and found it

How it should be:The revolt key is visible and functional if you attack the Olympus via portal

Screenshot: Here you can found a video


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Grepolis Team
Thanks for the report, could you please try to disable all scripts?
I can't do it anymore on the beta world since it was won, but I will post the screens on the live world in the Italian market. As you can see, the problem does not depend on the scripts


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Further checks in the Italian live server have verified that the revolt mode is not active.

Even if you launch an attack with the invisible key, it does not arrive in revolt mode. Now:

it is not possible to turn Olympus over using the portal attack

It is evident that this limitation is really very serious because it enormously damages the possibilities for all those alliances far from Olympus
@Arci these are the screens of the attack and here is the video that demonstrates how the revolt mode was selected, even if not visible


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