Browser Changelog 2.255


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Changelog 2.255

Dear Community,
you can find here the full changelog for Version 2.255 that is already live.


  • The changelog has been released successfully!

New Features and Changes

  • To avoid confusion, the information in the tooltip of Divine Battle Strategy powers will be removed from reports, meaning the tooltip will simply show that the power was active when the command happened, and won't show how much Battle Points have been earned so far with this power.
    • The information remains present in the city tooltip, and is only removed from reports.
    • Prior to this change, the tooltip always showed as 0 used of the power, which was causing confusion.
  • To align them with other similar powers, Light Ship Attack Boost powers now no longer stack. Instead, when using a different power level boost when one is already active of a different level will result in you being asked to replace that power.
  • Continuing with the theme of reducing notification spam, we've added an ignore list for notifications. This allows you to add a player to an ignore list, meaning you wont be notified for incoming attacks from this player. It can be found in settings:


  • The map movements animation for attacking a Bandits Camp will now be removed if you cancel the outgoing attack to the camp.
  • The 'cancel command' button will correctly disappear after you cancel an outgoing Colony Ship en route to a ghost town. This bug only occurred on Revolt worlds where the city is conquered when your Colony Ship is still on the way.
  • Tooltips for awards in Profile and BB codes were using inconsistent timezones, these are now aligned.
  • The scroll wheel functionality in the Hero Selection part of the Simulator no longer breaks after selecting a Hero.
  • The design between the Gods premium overview and the main UI has been made consistent, with Fury on the left and Favor on the right for Ares in both windows.
  • Divine Battle Strategy progress will no longer be reset by players withdrawing a landed colony ship.
  • Tooltips in the active city effects for Ares Rage and Soteria's Shrine now correctly are multiplied by their respective level.


We hope this update will meet your expectations. If there is anything you would like to talk about, we are looking forward to it in the feedback thread.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team