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    Changelog 2.172

    Dear Community,
    today we deployed the first daily update to the version 2.172.

    For a quicker reference, this post is empty for the first day, and will be updated in order to have every update grouped at the same place so stay tuned!


    • The Changelog has been released succesfully!

    New Features and Changes

    • Improved once again the simulator with the missing battle points modifiers:
      • The research Battle experience.
      • An option to set if the defender's units are from a player of the same alliance (hence 20% only of the battle points will be granted).


    • Sparta vs Hades - The hero from the previous edition was shown in the unlock screen.
    • Troops outside overview - The "return all units" button now takes into consideration if a town group is applied and returns only the displayed units.
    • Crown - Adjusted the crown's description for the Domination victory.
    • Simulator - In some worlds all gods were selected when opening the simulator, causing the layout to break.
    • Sparta vs Hades - Overall awards were not granted at the end of the event.


    We hope this update will meet your expectations. If there is anything you would like to talk about, we are looking forward to it in the feedback thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team

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