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    Changelog 2.168

    Dear Community,
    today we deployed the first daily update to the version 2.168.

    For a quicker reference, this post is empty for the first day, and will be updated in order to have every update grouped at the same place so stay tuned!


    • The Changelog has been released succesfully!

    New Features and Changes

    • For a while players were asking us to add some animation marking movements on the map. As a first attempt to bring a feature like that to the game we will add animation showing movement of the troops between cities and Bandits Camp. Depending on the feedback, we plan on expanding it to other actions on the map. This new feature will already go live with the version 2.167.


    • Agora - In the Outside tab the button "Return all units" withdrew units from ALL cities instead of just the selected city.


    We hope this update will meet your expectations. If there is anything you would like to talk about, we are looking forward to it in the feedback thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team
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