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    Changelog 2.162

    Dear Community,
    today we deployed the first daily update to the version 2.162.

    For a quicker reference, this post is empty for the first day, and will be updated in order to have every update grouped at the same place so stay tuned!


    • The Changelog has been released succesfully!

    New Features and Changes

    • Parts of the tutorial can now be skipped by more experienced players.
      • Players with a Grepolisscore >250 or who unlocked a hero on the respective world can now choose to "skip" the tutorial.
      • Skipping the tutorial will not remove the quests altogether, so that you can grab all rewards. However, all guided steps will be deactivated so that you can tackle the quests whenever you feel like it.
      • The option to skip is only available for the first 20 quests, which constitute for the most guided part of our quest lines.
    • It is now possible to sort the heroes in the Council of Heroes overview. The criteria are:
      • From highest to lowest level
      • By city name (A-Z)
      • By hero name (A-Z)
      • Type of hero (War - Wisdom)
      • [​IMG]
    • The change god warning is now also displaying the mythical units that will be lost after confirming the change.
      • [​IMG]
    • Advisor end time is now also displaying the exact ending time, other than the day.
      • [​IMG]


    • Mythical Hen - Feeding the hen from the recipe book was selecting the wrong ingredients in some rare cases.
    • Battle Points - The new calculation wasn't applied properly when attacking ghost towns partially defended by the same player or his alliance.

    [*] This change will already go live with the 2.161 changelog.


    We hope this update will meet your expectations. If there is anything you would like to talk about, we are looking forward to it in the feedback thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team
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