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    Changelog 2.136

    Dear Community,
    today we deployed the version 2.136

    For a quicker reference, this post is empty for the first day, and will be updated in order to have every update grouped at the same place so stay tuned!


    • Changelog released.

    New Features and Changes

    • Improved performance on mass deleting reports and messages. The new method will strongly decrease the server workload.
    • Awards set for Artemis' units are now implemented. These includes for both calydonian boars and gryffins:
      • Units killed while attacking an enemy.
      • Units killed while supporting your own city.
      • Units killed while supporting another city.
      • Units recruited.
    • Community request: Incoming attacks and supports will be displayed in the city dropdown.


    • Grepolympia - Fixed a backend error.
    • Academy - On certain cases was not possible to further demolish your academy.
    • Strategic map - Own alliance color was not working properly.
    • Commands - Incoming attack sound was triggered multiple times.
    • Commands - "Arrival time" tooltip was not displayed.
    • After the Island Quest Update, some improved resources powers were throwing an internal error after trying to cast them.
    • Battle point villages - Some islands had 12 farming villages instead of 6.


    We hope this update will meet your expectations. If there is anything you would like to talk about, we are looking forward to it in the feedback thread.

    Best regards,

    Your Grepolis Team

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