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    Dear players,

    We have planned a new contest for you!. This time we did choose Brain Training - Memory. Do you want to know what this contest s about? Sign up, and win great prizes

    How can I participate?
    To participate you need a game account and a forum account. You don't have any account? Then you can create here your game account (click) and here a forum account (click)! When you have a (created) account, you have acces to the subforum for your answers (click). In this forum you can post your answers for the Easter Contest by creating a topic with the title of your ingame name.

    What is the purpose
    We made a animation picture with 21 images, it is up to you to give the correct name of every image in Numerical order. ( 1. Arsenal, 2. Arci, 3. Lightning, etc..)
    Warning! The images does jump around in random order.
    You can post the correct answers in the entry section.

    The first who correctly answered all tasks wins the contest.

    Duration of the match
    This contest starts on Monday July 17th and wil end on Sunday July 23th.


    1. Each player may only participate with one account. Multiple entries are not possible.
    2. Please, open ONE thread only on the entry section.
    3. As usual, members of the Grepolis Team are disqualified.
    4. Talking is not allowed. If we suspect that responses be communicated we may decide to cancel or exclude players throughout the contest participation.
    5. It is not allowed to change your answer.
    • Participant who finishes in first place: 600g + Coins of war or wisdom level 8
    • Participant who finishes in second place: 400g + Coins of war or wisdom level 6
    • Participant who finishes in third place: 200g + Coins of war or wisdom level 4
    • Random: 100 gold
    • Random: 100 gold
    Note: The decision between war/wisdom will be up to the winner, when claiming the prize.

    Your Grepolis Team



Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.