Acknowledged app movement display bug

Ingame Nick: Mim le Fay
Affected world(s): ZZ7
Device: IPhone XP
O.S.: 12.1.4
App Version: 2.182.0

Reproduction steps:
  1. .Aktivate commands list
  2. .select an entry
    It doesn't matter if it's an attack or a support
    and it doesn't matter if it's my own or from somebody else
  3. .Than you could see "nothing"
Detailed error description (What you see): black screen

How it should be:The detailed information from movement and the possibilty to see the units from myself and/ or the possibilty of doing a spell

single mvement black screen.JPG Movements.JPG
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No, at this time the conquereing for sherborne was already fended. Mayby it is, because there is a conquer... that is something, I could check this evening.

But really I guess, it has to do with the I-Phone XP or with the IOS Version.
Yes, I do!

PS: And just for you, I try to attack a city of my own. But the result is the same, an empty screen.


Okay, that's in fact a bit strange... I never used the app when i had so many movements from/into my cities, so I have no reference but I could imagine that the amount of movements is too much for the app? It starts lagging on a normal computer already at some hundret movements...
It's just an idea of what could have gone wrong here...