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The best way to report a bug is the forum, but if you fear that the report contains "private" info it's fine also via ticket.


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yes of course, but a ticket means more work for support
That's actually not true.

The only difference is that if you report a bug on the forum you share your knowledge with the other players and everyone can add details and help, if you report it via ticket it's harder to collect info from other players, and maybe someone else may report the same bug again and again so the players are wasting more time in this case.

Now please, let's get back to the topic.


ok last word about that^^

no arci thats not true ^^

you don´t know my endless romans and discussions in ticket so a ticket from me IS more work for Supp^^

so btt

i tried to figure out when this Bugs are happen, but unfortunately there is for me no reproduceable thing

Day one

Member A went to work only with the app ---> Member shown lightgreen the whole time

Day two
Member A went to work only with the app --->Member showns darkgreen the whole time

(SAME MEMBER, same App version, same handy same internetconnection)
On Beta?

You know, that there is actually every day a new Update? Everything is possible with that and No Place for Diskussions about this

Or on other worlds?