A New Beginning


Updates to the game of Grepolis have been going through on other servers and creating some problems. It's time to start using this server as it was originally intended to be used.

Starting next Thursday and every subsequent Thursday, all updates to Grepolis will appear here first. The following Tuesdays, those updates will roll out on the other servers. Which means players on this server will have 5 days to find and report bugs.

300 gold coins will be given to each Beta tester per month. An additional 50 gold coins will be given to the player who reports a bug first. (The granting of this 50 though is up to the Community Manager, so don't be demanding 50 gold coins for reporting a typo or an otherwise teeny bug.)

This server will have a maximum membership of 6000. And is being advertised on all language versions. However, the language that will be primarily used in the Forum and in Support will be English.

Very Important: This server will be reset before next Thursday. Expect to start over.