A description difficult to understand


"farming improved with 20% +1,5% per every power active in the city"
I assume means "+1,5% per every power active in Afrodita's city" - because the spell can be applied in more cities with other Gods.
I read that a few times, and only experimenting enlightened me :)

Note: The Satyr dies so easy ?! shows strong, but is killed first


So, after some experimentation with the other spell (charitable event) I discovered "active powers" does not include spells.


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Active powers are the powers that remain active in your town, so when you cast spells "one shot" like Wedding that do not remain active (Wedding doesn't have an effect running for some amount of time), those are not counted.

What do you think about a list of powers currently being counted somewhere? Could it help?


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Yes please Arci, it really could help.
I understand that it take into account some spells with duration like "city protection" plus the city effects (like in the wiki page)
but i have some questions about the second category, for example, are the penalties effects (from quests) counted ?


so far from what i discovered spells do not count as active powers neither do penalty effects from quests. it seems the active powers include rewards from events or quest and can include troop drops