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  1. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Forum layout messed up

    Well, the layout of this forum is somewhat messed up for me (both in Chromium and Firefox). The last forum to be listed on the homepage (in the red rectangle) doesn't show up like the others (for example, the second to last one, in the black rectangle). Note that it still has all the data...
  2. Fixed Grepolis Forum bug

    It looks like there is a bug here on the Grepolis Forum. It might even violate its own rules. Possibly just relicts from another language mutation. As is: Hovering over the sidebar button: Hovering over the show forums / collapse button. To be: Tooltips written in English, because apart from...
  3. Problem with Erinyes

    Recently, I have decided to build some Erinyes as they are the most effctive attackers (30,9 attack per population), although quite expensive. Suddenly, I found out that Grepolis somehow thinks that Erinyes don't fly! Why should they use transport ships? According to Greek mythology Erinyes do...
  4. Point table

    On the wiki, there is a Points Table page with a table, but with a warning "The point values shown here are slightly different from their actual values ​​because of rounding.". Where can we find the actual values before rounding?
  5. Wiki registration

    How can I register to the Grepolis Wiki?
  6. Report merge

    It's nice that we have only one report from attacks on our supports from multiple cities, but it is still annoying me that when I support one of my cities with troops from another one and somebody attacks, I always receive two reports. Can it be like if I support A from B and A is under attack...
  7. Windows 8

    I have seen that there should be an app for Windows 8, but I can't find it in the Store. So where is it?