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  1. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Community Preview 2022

    @Android303: It´s 5 - I did not count the Mermaid. On the live worlds, in 2022 there were the following events: Winter Grepolympia 2022: 18.01. - 30.01.2022 Aegean Battleships 2022: 01.03. - 14.03.2022 Mythical Hen 2022: 11.04. - 01.05.2022 Tyche´s Wheel of Fortune 2022: 23.05. - 06.06.2022...
  2. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Community Preview 2022

    Last year´s event frequency was insane and exhausting, so I for my part am grateful for any reduction. And just to remind you, in 2022 we had already 5 events (not counting Thessalonike, the Mermaid, of course): Winter Grepolympia (even if it started in December on Beta), Aegean Battleships...
  3. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Grepolympia 2022

    Event started without prior announcement and at 12:10:34 (or so) instead of 10:00:00 - I hope that´s not the new "regular"...^^ (I know you would have been "disappointed" if I had not mentioned it.) 8-)
  4. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Changelog 2.265

    Could you please explain why the content of the daily updates is no longer communicated and available in the forum? What has changed? I was not a fan of those daily updates when they were introduced (as you might remember^^) - but in retrospective, deploying a new version in small steps made...
  5. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Changelog 2.265

    The deployment of version 2.265 started on Monday, May 30, and will be complete tomorrow. At least that´s what we can guess from the in-game version number, because we no longer get this information here in the forum. Why? The start of the deployment was not announced, the content of the daily...
  6. Draba Aspera

    Fixed Issue with Simulator

    Did you try this? I also had sent it to you ingame.
  7. Draba Aspera

    Duplicate Last update made things bad on laptop mouse.

    Please have a look here: The issue is already reported and forwarded. As it seems it occurs under a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and will disappear under higher resolutions...
  8. Draba Aspera

    Acknowledged tooltip title blinking very fast I cannot select a choice

    According to my tests on two computers and with several browsers the issue occurs under the minimum screen resolution supported by Grepolis, i.e. 1366 x 768, no matter which browser or zoom settings you use. (I use browser zoom and Windows zoom settings of 100%) If your device allows you to...
  9. Draba Aspera

    Acknowledged tooltip title blinking very fast I cannot select a choice

    Yes - it was also reported in the German forum after today´s update.
  10. Draba Aspera

    Acknowledged tooltip title blinking very fast I cannot select a choice

    I first noticed the issue yesterday, too. I can confirm the issue for zz2, zz12 and zz23, for island quest icons (rewards, but not for the coin icon) and in several other windows, e.g. inventory (but funny enough not in the extended inventory, and not in the event window), unit icons in the...
  11. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Browser Version 2.263

    The lack of information about changelogs/versions and the content of daily updates on Beta is not only unnerving - it is leading the overall objective of Beta worlds ad absurdum. I am absolutely fed up with windy excuses for this now permanent and untenable situation, because imo there are no...
  12. Draba Aspera

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Poppulation limit

    Are you telling us that you don´t owe any changelog information to the Beta players any more, in the Beta forum? The Beta information policy always was a mess and far behind of what could be expected for a Beta, where information about changes is even more essential than elsewhere. Since...
  13. Draba Aspera

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Poppulation limit

    Maybe you should first include the change (or bugfix or however you might call it) in the changelog so that we can see what has been changed and what was intended. Obviously the population count of certain building levels was changed, and I would like to know why and how it was changed, and to...
  14. Draba Aspera

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Poppulation limit

    So someone tried to fix the old population count bug (introduced "on purpose" in 2016 as a bugfix for an even older but milder population count bug), but did not remember what had caused the bug in the first place (and thus creating the next population count bug)?^^ :grepolis:
  15. Draba Aspera

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Poppulation limit

    I can confirm the issue for zz2, zz12 and zz23.
  16. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Mythical Hen 2022

    As the event seems to have the regular duration of three weeks on Beta, why are the milestones reduced on Beta?
  17. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Sandbox 24 - Olympus World - Revolt

    I cannot remember the announcement of any changes in the game mechanics which would have been necessary to make an Olympus world with revolt system work. It´s disappointing that the announcement of Sandbox 24 has no link to (and does not even mention) the DevBlog article regarding the Olympus...
  18. Draba Aspera

    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.258

    And again... o_O --- Btw, in 2022 Beta changelogs are published late, incomplete (e.g. in changelog 2.257 the changes are missing) or even not at all. It´s even worse than in the past. If this is due to internal non- or miscommunication, please try to fix the issue as soon as possible. We...
  19. Draba Aspera

    Acknowledged Incorrect units being lost on an attack report.

    That report refers to the special case (attacks on besieged cities) described here: