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  1. Potusek

    Acknowledged Javascript errors when opening the profile of some players

    Ingame Nick: Potusek Affected world(s): All Browser: All Reproduction steps: find player without artifact (eg. ZZ22 player Potusek) open profile JS console: wndhandler_player_profile.js:203 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'left') The error occurs regardless...
  2. Potusek

    Fixed Server data - flat files

    Ingame Nick: Potusek - (GRCRT co-developer) Affected world(s): All Browser: Any Reproduction steps: Example of one world
  3. Potusek

    GRC Classic

    Last GRC version for Grepolis v1 There can be some bugs; however, I do my best to fix them asap.