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  1. Unconfirmed Quest logo covers farming village

    zz22 Sandbox - New quest logo covers farming village. Island 60528. I don't know hoe to copy the screen.
  2. Fixed Hero didn't return

    in ZZ20, I (Whitewiz1) sent my hero (Orpheus) with some troops to attack a ghost city. He has not returned. His icon show "This hero is currently attacking: null". I have rebooted and tried other methods, but I cannot remove him to substitute a different hero. Any suggestions would be very much...
  3. Duplicate Tyche's Wheel not working

    In all three of my ZZ worlds (ZZ20, zz19 & zz12) the Tyche's screen comes up with the "G" emblem rotating and I can't get it to go away. I have tried to reboot, but to no avail. My online moniker is Whitewiz1. I'm not sure how to do a screen shot, but it is the same in all three worlds.
  4. Acknowledged Not letting assign a hero

    I am Whitewiz1, the other half of this problem. My hero Christopholos is stranded. He was in the city that was conquered and now shows enroute to a ghost city. I am unsure how to display a screenshot to help out, but I cannot recruit any new heroes or recover him to assign him to a new city.
  5. Awaiting feedback Grepolympia timer

    Whitewiz1 zz7, zz11, zz12 Chrome I did a participation with 42 minutes left and the new timer says I must wait 12 hour and 42 minutes to try again for free It should show only 42 minutes until free try again.
  6. Fixed Units killed not displayed

  7. Fixed Units killed not displayed

    ZZ12 - When I click on reports, no units killed are displayed. Whitewiz1 - O45.01.001
  8. Fixed Event : stop messages !!!

    Still going on in ZZ7 - Tuesday 27 March. Over 900 daily hen messages.
  9. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Trading limits

    That makes sense. Thanks! With 61 cities, I guess they could flood the marketplace.
  10. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Trading limits

    How can a person have over 60 items to trade in the marketplace with 5000 units of wood in each (Sandbox7 - petrospaokara1)? Every time I list a trade, it reduces my available inventory by a like amount. 60x5000=300,000 which is far above the maximum storage capacity of the warehouse.
  11. Fixed Grepolympia: Awards

    In the skating competition, I had all four training slots filled. When the time expired for the first one, it did not disappear, so the remaining troops could not be used and I could not add any more.