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  1. buffysara

    Easter Peace Time 2024

    Will we have an easter peace time this year? In de. there is one.
  2. buffysara

    Feedback: Incantation Circle

    Arci: "The event has been postponed to a later date (likely next week), we'll inform you once we have a new starting date. Thank you for your understanding." And now it is running. :grepolis:
  3. buffysara

    Feedback: Incantation Circle

    no, it is missed probably tomorrow
  4. buffysara

    Fixed Spy does not work

    it is ok now
  5. buffysara

    Fixed Spy does not work

    Buffysara zz2 Firefox try to spy another city and than comes this
  6. buffysara

    Acknowledged Assassins Community Goals wrong

    All Betas Buffysara Firefox Since midnight, there is something wrong with the values of the community goals. A zero appears to be missing. Goal 5 is shown below as achieved. But the bonus is missing.
  7. buffysara

    Fixed Batllepoints reset to 0 (visual)

    With Dio Script you can see the possible Victory processions. this information also survives CC and delete local browser cache
  8. buffysara

    Unconfirmed Sound effects don´t work

    I have music and sounds no attack alarm firefox after reload comes the attack warning and browser notification Alarm GRC works
  9. buffysara

    Unconfirmed Recruitment in harbour and barracks

    I can confirm the same happens when deleting orders
  10. buffysara

    Acknowledged Premium - Harbor Button does not work

    Ingame Nick: buffysara Affected world(s): zz2, all Betas Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera Reproduction steps: .Klick on Harbor Detailed error description (What you see): Nothing happens How it should be: open Harbor
  11. buffysara

    Feedback: Wheel of Battle 2023

    73 every day
  12. buffysara

    Easter Peace Time 2023

    Peace Time works
  13. buffysara

    Easter Peace Time 2023

    Will we have an easter peace time this year? In de. there is one.
  14. buffysara

    Feedback: Mythical Hen

    Sandbox 25 will close around 1am on the night of March 20th. So no event.
  15. buffysara

    Daylight Savings time

    25./26. März every year last weekend in March and Oktober
  16. buffysara

    Fixed Problems in sandbox 25

    Everything is fine with me, but I only have one city. Besides, it doesn't matter. :) It's peace time.
  17. buffysara

    Feedback: Aegean Battleships

    wenn die Ankündigung zu den Schiffen aber stimmt hätte das eigentlich schon seit vergangenem Donnerstag laufen sollen das wir mit Tag 5 bei den Tagespreisen angefangen haben spricht sehr für diese Variante naja if the announcement about the ships is correct, it should have been running since...
  18. buffysara

    Feedback: Dionysia 2022

    I think we get nothing.
  19. buffysara

    Unconfirmed Dionysia - No offering Points

    I've settled that now. This is a display error. It can happen if the event window is open at the time the mission ends. Hence the red marker on the event symbol. If you close everything and call it up again, you get the right term.