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  1. Bullspirit Dancer

    New Farming Villages option

    Captain is a premium (gold) option and increasing this by farming all islands at ones is to much. So no, not a good idea.
  2. Bullspirit Dancer

    Statement GPC

    Grepolis Player Council, second term. End of may 2018 the Council members for the second term were selected and in June most of the members where pressent on the Beta forum and on Discord. We all had to agree to the Code of Conduct, also with the terms of the NDA, so in this statement you...
  3. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    Much smaller, OC 44, 45, 54, 55 but not the complete OC's are domination area.
  4. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    As player on NL-domi world I like the smaller area because it's a fact that there are not so many players on a world and a big area would mean that some alliances will go to the rim and be almost out of harms way. Yes on NL the overpowering from one alliance is hughs but they are the number one...
  5. Bullspirit Dancer

    inofficial Feedbackthread for casual world

    So it's a new concept that is presented as a world that give new players the change to learn the game but one of the most important parts of playing, in/with an alliance is not one of them? Just to be clear, mass attack is impossible but mass defence is the keyword? What is to learn about...
  6. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Update to version 2.177

    No its not the same. After 15 - 20 min. you can see that an other player is not active ingame anymore by the color in the memberlist. That is a big difference. Leaving your desktop on, grepolis as active screen, still the color change after 15.20 min. in dark green. So I still wait for a...
  7. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Update to version 2.177

    This is so bad, NO Inno has no right to put up this change. Real game issues they ignore and just do as they please because players, GPC-members mean nothing to Inno. Again they forget who is paying their income, who are the reason they have a job (not that they do a good one).
  8. Bullspirit Dancer

    Casual worlds

    That is not the answer on my question. I want a clear statement about the rule of 20% more/less than the victum has. So I want to know if a small player CAN attack a bigger (20% or more) when the bigger player cann't.
  9. Bullspirit Dancer

    Casual worlds

    I found this on Wiki Attack prevention On casual worlds players cannot attack other players when there is more than 20% difference in points between them. This improves the experience of smaller players as they can only be attacked by players that have the same range of strength. I understand...
  10. Bullspirit Dancer

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce VM not deactivated on valid Island

    Island 175905, player **pk2** is in VM and still you can't attack the cities. :// Wrong call from me, last stand is the period that vm is unabled. So please remove this ;)
  11. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    The picture on Beta with almost all OC's with valid Islands seems like a joke. How will you get any real fighting between the alliances as the only thing to is make sure that you have enough slots as domination era starts and send the CS's on there way to the rim.
  12. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    Did you read the whole text? I don't think so. Read again. Second time that attack did not show up I was farming on Beta. Only 2 attacks visible, number 3 after refresh commands. And I always play with the browser open on the desktopcomputer. Empty temperary files 5 or 6 times a day, refresh...
  13. Bullspirit Dancer

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    No alert from incoming attack(s) this morning. I was sitting on my desk, with the browser open and I got an alert from an incoming attack that was at my city in 56 sec. The traveltime however from that attack was at least 13 min. In my reports I found an other attack that never gave any alert...
  14. Bullspirit Dancer

    Domination is about politic or FIghts?

    The biggest question is, how big/far the area is in whitch the islands are nominated as valid. Normaly it would be not wyse to found in the rim. If an alliance is spread out over the world it can mean that a lot of cities on islands outside will not count for domination.