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  1. AbstractGR

    Feedback: Pandora's Box 2021

    The rewards are outrageously bad contrast to the effort and gold, possibly, they require. Plus there so many inconsistencies, for example on level 26 you get 15 harpies and 2 levels next you get nereids and on the next 12 biremes. How and who designed that event, this is disgraceful...
  2. AbstractGR

    Fixed Trade reports show wrong city

    Ingame Nick: AbstractGR Affected world(s): zz22,zz19 ( maybe all) Browser: Brave Reproduction steps: Open reports-> trade Open a city and choose info (even your own cities cannot be selected) It will show only the first city of the world ( 1) Screenshot:
  3. AbstractGR

    Duplicate Alliance events not working

    Ingame Nick:AbstractGR Affected world(s):ZZ22/ZZ19 Browser:Brave Reproduction steps: .Open alliance .Events . Detailed error description (What you see):You can't see alliance events, conquests and pact events and conquests How it should be: Showing Screenshot:
  4. AbstractGR

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    It still say 97 days, I don't think they will fix it...
  5. AbstractGR

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    Still not fixed, we are still going for 104 days
  6. AbstractGR

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    @Arci can we have any feedback mate? Or will we wait until 2023 to end this world?
  7. AbstractGR

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    Ingame Nick:AbstractGR Affected world(s):ZZ19 Browser:Brave(Google Chrome) Reproduction steps:General Detailed error description (What you see): World wonders wanted less than 60 days to be recalculated, then WW said there will not be another recalculation. Afterwards it reset the timer to 120...
  8. AbstractGR

    World won't end

    I can't understand anything on your thread, could you give a brief abstract in English of its content?
  9. AbstractGR

    World won't end

    It changed today. I am not sure, but I think it reset, it was less than 120 days
  10. AbstractGR

    World won't end

    Most players have already stopped,ghosted or are in indefinite vacation mode. There is barely a positive difference in points everyday. How on earth are we going to hit the additional 20 million points? You said you couldn't change how the ww works and make it happen earlier, but it seems that...
  11. AbstractGR

    Acknowledged Cave can no longer be displayed

    We had actually, but it was taken down because they didn't want to hear the truth
  12. AbstractGR

    Acknowledged Sparta vs Hades: Overall Ranking

    On zz19 we need the extra slot though, why not give to the whole alliance certain gifts, and to best players other gifts?
  13. AbstractGR


    Mate that is exactly why morale manipulation is bad. It makes, not newcomers, but players that know how to exploit it irritating. I never said it shouldn't exist since a newbie needs to have it. But my team mass attacks someone and the enemy alliance take his cities fast before my attacks land...
  14. AbstractGR

    "Breach of Rules"

    I never made a report about a member of their alliance criticizing our intelligence (?) and continuously telling us stupids or idiots, but since we are at the topic, there are some examples. (S E R T A C seems brown since he has already deleted his account)
  15. AbstractGR

    "Breach of Rules"

    I only imagine what would happen if they build a WW, and then watch 500+ incoming attacks... I guess the only choice then is ban right? Since we get warned at around 100 attacks..
  16. AbstractGR


    I don't think it shouldn't have entered, I just think it needed more optimization before it entered. But after so many years, nothing has changed and probably nothing will so...
  17. AbstractGR


    I don't know if this happens already, but morale should be locked with the attack. Let me explain, if I send an attack while having 100 morale against the opponent, and suddenly he loses points and I have 80 morale against him, my attack that was sent before the morale change happened should be...
  18. AbstractGR

    More customizable forum

    I was checking something on the forum lately, specifically the "Functions" button. I had some improvements in mind, which I think are pretty easy to implement... 1) Give the option to customize the order of the threads (by last update, size, name) or as you can do with the tabs, let the...
  19. AbstractGR

    Feedback: Ares

    @Arci The bonus +30% to Ladons' damage is applied when the town being attacked has 10 more population than the total sum of all Ladons in the attack, or the attack itself has more than 10 units apart from the Ladons? For example 10 Ladons(1800population) gain the +30% bonus if the attack has 10...
  20. AbstractGR

    new hero

    Too op, horses are really good on offense, it would be unfair...maybe a hero to cost generally horses,catapults and slingers but really low, like max 10-15%