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  1. saargo

    Awaiting feedback Victory festival's,

    Have today 4, but don't give anything same score than before. 36/45 Can someone check. Thx.
  2. saargo


    It have change that island quest have to do with the City a. if you have at same island City b. what can do it better? At same I like to know island quest what takes 8 h. before 4h. Prices same shit. And next many likes to know why chat have removed? Why I can't use City skins world wonders...
  3. saargo

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Bug,

    I can't return support troops to owner.
  4. saargo

    Unconfirmed Can't store,

    silver to gave.
  5. saargo

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Attack alarms,

    Don't work.
  6. saargo

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Hera´s favor doun´t grouw up at all.

    Have to be somekind of bug and easy to check. saargo`s city I. And reports can check too, battle points are not right, and city Wall shows that I have lost as defender light ship´s, I haven´t even be attackt. -saargo-