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  1. buffysara

    Acknowledged tooltip title blinking very fast I cannot select a choice

    workaround Browserzoom 90 or 80 %
  2. buffysara

    Feedback: Tyche's Wheel of Fortune - Spring 2022

    are the dates correct ? only 9 days ?
  3. buffysara

    Fixed cultural overview broken

    Caves same thing
  4. buffysara

    Acknowledged Window message

    zz2 firefox
  5. buffysara

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Poppulation limit

    the buildings suddenly need 4 more population
  6. buffysara

    Acknowledged No images

    also in messages
  7. buffysara

    Fixed Sparta vs. Hades Battleground Cooldowntime will not be shown

    Buffysara zz2, zz12 Firefox and Opera The cooldown time of the battlefields after a victory is not displayed. Neither with mouseover nor with click. Only the hourglass can be see.
  8. buffysara

    Feedback: Incantation Circle 2021

    @Arci said "If you manage to conjure 50 rewards until October 21st, at 23:59 server time, you will earn a Culture Level." ????
  9. buffysara

    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.248

    but my variant reliably led to an empty tab
  10. buffysara

    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.248

    The event window was open all the time 7. Spirit catch Box closed pay gold switch to the mission tab empty
  11. buffysara

    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.248

    nö tab still empty zz12
  12. buffysara

    Fixed Demolish building

    why fixed nothing is fixed
  13. buffysara

    Fixed Demolish building

    some windows have also changed their size when you click something there is sometimes a small jolt to the right for example Senate, Agora, Barracks, Harbor, Farm i think only academy, market and temple is old
  14. buffysara

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    @Arci will this be fixed ?
  15. buffysara

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    world zz19 starts on 2. November first 6 month - means 180 days = 01. May; Points not reached - recalculation second another 120 days = 29. August today it must be 41 days 1 month = 30 days
  16. buffysara

    Acknowledged daily update 14.07.2021

    next update now it is ok
  17. buffysara

    Acknowledged daily update 14.07.2021

    buffysara firefox, Opera zz2 zz12 zz22 daily update something is wrong with the daily update after that, the wheel comes on for almost a second with every action (ctiy view) especially here liveworlds worlds are ok
  18. buffysara

    Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders

    the number of days is still wrong