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    Acknowledged Ghost Towns reservation Issue

    Thank you for the report :)
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    Rocket Team We're from Brazil and Portugal :)
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    I don't know if I'm relevant, but I'll join the world :p
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce can't load and use simulator

    Thanks for the report! Can you both try to use the resolution in 80%?
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce CRC Tools

    Hey asusmax! Unfortunately as GRCRT is maintained by some players, our devs can't help. You can contact the GRCRT devs for this bug, but there's nothing we can do here. Mim le Fay posted the link for us.. Maybe you should try to report the bug there:
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    Simulator error

    Hey erebor, welcome on this forum! :) Could you please report your issue in this section: bug reports (click)? Please, use this template (click), it will help expanding the details in a clear way that will allow us to proceed as fast as possible ;)
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    Acknowledged Spinning wheel + flashing background in command overview

    Hey guys! :) I can switch the windows normally. Can you try disabling any 3rd party user scripts and clean cache/cookies of the browser?
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    Fixed Grepolimpia results reseted

    The issue seems fixed, all the laurels have been refunded :)
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    Grepolympia Greece Cup

    Yes! It will be the same event for all our live worlds :)
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    Grepolympia Greece Cup

    The combination will be the same for everyone! :) For example: Concentration 10%; Strength 50%; Endurance 40% You'll have to guess which combination of skill points is the best!
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    Fixed Grepolimpia results reseted

    We don't have more info yet! But I'm gonna ask that ;)
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    Fixed Grepolimpia results reseted

    As announced here: Grepolympia - Greek Cup, due to technical issues, we had to reset the Corinth match in The Greek Cup event. In case of any questions, please send us a ticket. :)
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    Fixed cave problem

    We can confirm the issue. We're gonna pass it to our devs! Thanks for the report :)
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    Feedback: Update to version 2.156

    I agree with @DonFrank Other possible solution: The profile can also have stars for each world you won! *Edit* Or something like medals
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    Christmas Contest - Announcement

    Dear players, We have planned a new contest for you! This time to celebrate christmas we've chosen 3 minigames in three weeks. Sign up, and win great prizes. What is the purpose? You need to complete one minigame per week and post the correct answers in the entry section. Duration of the...
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Someone joined my ally, was not invited

    Hey :) This happens when the Alliance status is open. In this case, every player can join in your alliance. You can change it in: alliance > properties > application only or closed
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Tools

    As @Thasoss said, any tools and user-scripts aren't maintained by InnoGames. It's not working, but it's not our fault, the game code is not written to be compatible to the script, it's the opposite, if the game changes something, the userscript needs to be adjusted accordingly. So the dev team...
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    Fixed Quest Expansion double

    Today I found both quests too!
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    Hey guys, I hope we can have fun. I'm new here :D But this world sounds good! I hope this change will be amazing, I started 2 days late, but I believe academy 13 to colony can help a lot, this it is a huge advantage for who buy a lot of gold, they will be very evolved before leaving the...