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  1. WhoAmIv2

    Closed Christmas challenges

    Dear players, Christmas is slowly coming and we decided to do a small competition for you. The competition will be divided into two separate challenges and you will be able to earn points for completing them. Players with the highest amount of points will receive our Christmas reward - 1st place...
  2. WhoAmIv2

    What if we had a way to deal with flash spam?

    I think every one of us struggled with flash spam in Grepolis. There were discussions how to prevent it but GPC never really found an answer. One good idea was to be able to delay alarm - but it was turned down because on high speed server even a small delay would mean that enemy will "cs you"...
  3. WhoAmIv2

    World Wonders - End Game Conditions

    Hello, I'd like to discuss one thing that many players don't agree with. I will be really glad if I can see some feedback from @Arci or someone in Grepolis Team. So as we may know, conditions for closing a world wonders world is build all 7 wonders and number of active players < 300. Now, a lot...