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  1. Feedback: Grepolympia - Greek Cup 2021

    Could you use Ladons for this event?
  2. Fixed Double damage Spartoi

    i am pretty sure this bug has infected the live worlds. look at the picture below, this actually happened something is extremely off with the spartois attack.
  3. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    On the first hungarian Olymp server we had besieged Olymp with around 130k biremes and 1m LD, and the enemy sent around 3-400 attacks at the same time, causing us to have no reports for arund 3 hours. We were always thinking about an all attack of 3-4 thousands pings and real attacks to shield...
  4. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    What exactly did you do to halt an entire server for 20 hours?