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  1. Unconfirmed Quest logo covers farming village

    zz22 Sandbox - New quest logo covers farming village. Island 60528. I don't know hoe to copy the screen.
  2. Fixed Hero didn't return

    in ZZ20, I (Whitewiz1) sent my hero (Orpheus) with some troops to attack a ghost city. He has not returned. His icon show "This hero is currently attacking: null". I have rebooted and tried other methods, but I cannot remove him to substitute a different hero. Any suggestions would be very much...
  3. Duplicate Tyche's Wheel not working

    In all three of my ZZ worlds (ZZ20, zz19 & zz12) the Tyche's screen comes up with the "G" emblem rotating and I can't get it to go away. I have tried to reboot, but to no avail. My online moniker is Whitewiz1. I'm not sure how to do a screen shot, but it is the same in all three worlds.
  4. Awaiting feedback Grepolympia timer

    Whitewiz1 zz7, zz11, zz12 Chrome I did a participation with 42 minutes left and the new timer says I must wait 12 hour and 42 minutes to try again for free It should show only 42 minutes until free try again.
  5. Fixed Units killed not displayed

    ZZ12 - When I click on reports, no units killed are displayed. Whitewiz1 - O45.01.001
  6. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Trading limits

    How can a person have over 60 items to trade in the marketplace with 5000 units of wood in each (Sandbox7 - petrospaokara1)? Every time I list a trade, it reduces my available inventory by a like amount. 60x5000=300,000 which is far above the maximum storage capacity of the warehouse.