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  1. Arsenal-NL

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Issue with the Sea and the city

    Thanks for your report. It happend that an island have another number than the map is displaying. The reason for this is that it is not about the center of an island, but the start of the island. If a tiny corner of that island is put in ocean 77, the island starts in ocean 77. It is all...
  2. Arsenal-NL

    This world's problems and a cry for help

    We are aware of the problem. But sadly enough we can't do more right now.
  3. Arsenal-NL


    That's too bad, unfortanly the limit will not be increased for now. The serverload is still a problem. With increasing the player limits the serverload would also increased.
  4. Arsenal-NL

    Feedback: Update to version 2.139

    Maybe it will help to clean up your ingame cache data. Or deactivated some scripts if you use them. I dont have any problems with opening the questlog and selecting a quest which is finished. As you can see, I dont...
  5. Arsenal-NL

    Feedback: Update to version 2.131

    Dear @dangrmind, When you attack another city, you might lose your own units during the fight. This can happen when the city has defence units. Beside that, swordsmen is a defence unit.. it is not good for attacking other cities. You better use slings or riders for attacking other cities. You...
  6. Arsenal-NL

    "Population growth" not working

    Dear Woxys, I have tested your report on Sandbox 2. But it works fine. Time before casting the spell "Population growth": After casting the spell "population growth": With my investigated information I can tell you that the spell does his job. On wich world do you ecperienced this issue?
  7. Arsenal-NL

    Introduce yourself! 2.0

    Hi everybody! I'll introduce myself, I'm Bas, I am 27 yaers old and I am a Applicationdevelopment & Media student in The Netherlands (programming) I play Grepolis from the beginning on The Netherlands. Since April 2015 I am a member of the Dutch Team (Quality Assurence). And since today I'm...
  8. Arsenal-NL

    Feedback: The Wheel of Fortune

    Thanks for the help @* Arci * :)
  9. Arsenal-NL

    Feedback: The Wheel of Fortune

    Hello there! I was informed about the little chance on the daily spin wheels. It said that it contains 2 wintercrystals (that was a last minut chance). On the wiki you can find the following description: While ingame only one wintercrystal is available: So my question is, where is the...
  10. Arsenal-NL

    Feedback: Update to version 2.124

    I am happy with this new function. This means that a worldwonder can be attacked at all times. In the past players go in VM because the worldwonder can't been attacked. There was no reason for going in vm.. than only safety guarantee on the worldwonder.