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  1. Fixed Afrodites spell pygmalion does not work

    in all worlds
  2. Duplicate Sparta vs Hades: Overall Ranking is not correct
  3. Awaiting feedback Message for last Day at the "Spartan Assassins" event

    I didnt receive any message and the reward for the 1st place at the "Spartan Assassins" event, on the day 7 in Sandbox19
  4. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Spartan Assassins event disappear

    It had been appeared I played normal but suddenlly I couldn't get in and after refresh disappeared from the screen
  5. What is happening here

    I play in beta worlds many years and for farming I use the online chronometre just to remind me every 10 min to collect resources from villages. But the problem is that because I dont loose any 10min collection the system translates this as a use of bot . This problematic system fanction has as...
  6. Unconfirmed False travel time

    Sandbox 20 When I choose to attack with Ladons and add a hero on this attack travel time doesnt change but this is not the case on Command overview where the correct travel time is visible
  7. New Hero Mihalis

    The name Mihalis has not any connection to the ancient world. I think this name MUST change to Miltiades the Athenian general who defeated the Persian Army in Marathon battle using clever tactics.
  8. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Unable to select Aphrodite as a deity

    Sandbox19 Unable to select Aphrodite as a deity because the arrow underneath Gods does not work. This is not the case for sandbox20
  9. Fixed Unable to cast Ares' Sucrifice

    although wedding is able to.
  10. Acknowledged Ladon price from Velerios

    If it is not a joke than you have to fix this
  11. Acknowledged Army disappearance

    1. sandbox 18 2. Chrome 2. send attack from my city 002 1094 το 901 3. attack never arrived there 4. and I have this on my bar
  12. Acknowledged Ranking in Olympus does not work
  13. Unconfirmed Crazy Server Chronometer The server chronometer got crazy. Arrival time is 13:54 but 10:48:17+ 2:06:04 = 12:54:21 14:17 but 10:48:17 + 2:28:43= 13:17
  14. Unconfirmed Lost CS Conq never started

    I send cs from my town 6569 to The gost city 4286 I didnot recieve any report not the conquest started. But mooving the mouse over gost I can see them in the gost city.
  15. Fixed No access to town caves

    I have no access to all my towns caves. Not from Quick bar nor from senate but this happen only to Firefox. Chrome and Edge no problem
  16. Luck factor

    Is it a bug when a player attacks always with above +25 luck or something else is happen
  17. Fixed Units disappear when arrive on target

    Unites never reach the target add are disappeared just seconds befor target. no rep;ort and there is a message "Processing arrived command "
  18. Duplicate LOST LAND and NAVAL FORCES

    f5pilot: Sandbox16: Chrome: Reproduction steps: . . . Detailed error description (What you see): How it should be: Screenshot: