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  1. Message notification

    I have a question, why after all this years .. Inno did not thought about the most basical notification ever which is the message notification ? I would LOVE to get it
  2. Future of Grepolis?

    Hey guys , especially @Arci and @bogdy 95 , i'm curious about something , is the game dying? is the dev team is reduced to the minimal amount of developpers? I'm clearly asking because now from 5 months the devblog is totally SILENT fo the first time since the beginning of this blog , what's...
  3. Casual worlds

    Hi i would like to know if for casual worlds when you transfer to this worlds , do you keep also your cultural level or not?
  4. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Wrong number in bonus

    Ingame Nick:ColonyShip Incoming Affected world(s): ZZ10 Browser: Chrome Reproduction steps: . . . Detailed error description (What you see): for silver bonus production the picture show the number 4 but the spell say 6 hours How it should be: It should show the number 6 instead of 4 Screenshot:
  5. Peacetime

    Hey at the end of the server we are supposed to be in a peace time : but this peace time will look like christmas peacetime? with no attacks and no conquests for 7 or 14 days? it's what i understand ... and i would like to have more details about it. Thanks @Arci
  6. right down corner notification

    Hi , i would like to make a suggestion. He wave notification in the down left side corner , but in fact i think not much people see the point of these notficiation because most of time you don't read every of them , and there is no window to check it. The reason i ask for it , is that , we...
  7. Valid islands

    I would like to get some specific informations about valid islands Is that only about amount of towns? Or the activity of the players on the island could impact the selection. because i mean , if you take sandbo 10 many inactives in border ocean , if they are selected as valid , big risk...
  8. Domination calculation

    Is that the calculation about the number of towns under your property or the total amounts of points of thecity? EDIT : So Almost 1 week later we still don't have any response , which mean... you don't know? Honestly !!! it's a huge part about our strategy for the domination and we can't...
  9. Fast Closure of a World

    Why did you suddenly choose to decide to close servers faster after the end of the domination ? I think it is a really bad idea.. furthermore in peacetime? what is the point to be in a server where you can do nothing. As an experienced player i like to play on huge accounts , and it keep players...
  10. Domination is about politic or FIghts?

    About the calculation of the domination. What is your point of view about winning by changing side? I mean imagine that if one alliance make lobbying in all other alliances to take the player with the biggest accounts , they could reach the target so fast like this. Okay there is 2 weeks they...