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  1. Geisti

    Attack of The Hydra 2021

    Thank you very much for providing the announcement that this event starts today.. *Irony off* regards Geisti
  2. Geisti

    Statement from development team regarding Huawei device support

    I have a Huawei P9..with Google Store and AppGallery..what effect does this announcement have on me..despite the Google Store on my mobile phone, I have now pulled the ass card here.. regards Geisti
  3. Geisti

    Awaiting feedback Can't post any more pictures here

    Just wanted to post a picture via screenshot here.. Should you then contact the administrator here for the latest..I still had to be here.. What is the Arci? :mad: Edit on: Do I have to ask for permission now...
  4. Geisti

    Merry Xmas

    We wish you peaceful hours for Christmas. At the turn of the year cheerfulness and happiness. For the New Year health, happiness and success! Merry christmas regards Geisti
  5. Geisti

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Daily reward window is missing

    World Sandbox 19..Browser Opera 72.0.3815.400..Win 10(64 Bit) After the event has now ended, I will no longer be shown the window. I switched off scripts and cleared the cache. The reward window is still missing. It was still there yesterday. Your account has been approved for verification...
  6. Geisti

    Domination against world wonders,dk,P-R&eid=ARA1bEntea483KlvU84EdMVfgiU68jCPGO78KeGUmKJoPidMNeZt3oH5_Q3UC66HvCZ4MJd6E85yPxkK This time really belongs to the players? What happens when players declare against dominance as a Endgame? Then you think about your opinion, or is that just...
  7. Geisti

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Bearing display defective

    Build the bearings to maximum size build another camp on maxium .. A Bug or new Feature Arci..:confused: regards Geisti Account: Geisti World: Sandbox 10 Browser: Vivaldi