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    Unconfirmed colony ship + brander + any land/myth unit

    Hello , found on production PL servers ( Mesembria , Nagidos ) last time whe i use this configuration was 1,5-2 months ago on Helike world conquest system , without any problem i conquere a city 1 colony ship + 1 brander unit + land units attack for conquest a city with 120 branders in...
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Helmet of invisibility - bug ??

    Hello , as far I remeber ( 5 years of playing in grepo ) the spell of Helmet of invisibility can been cast on any time of travel a units , just if travel time was more than 10% of overall travel time , was a information about spell will dont have a effect but cast a spell was always...
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    Mole Hole - info

    Hello everybody who using Mole Hole , unfortunatelly self author of script didn't give any information on web page or self script but future exist of MoleHole is on "?" financial problems of self author are decide to no more self funding a costs of entire infrastructure...
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    why process of legalization this script is take a lot a time ?? guy make a very good job to ressurect this script , but ... no one can use it without affraid to get a ban because is still not legal :(
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    0 cities - account deletion

    Hello , what is common sense ( where is Your profit loved Inno ) to keep for eternality a "0-cities account's" when somebody click on auto-continue premium advisors ? even if they absent 200/300 days why this kind of account couldn't delete after 2-3 days ?? I request to change it if...
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    Mobile app and sound notifications - default settings

    Hello I would like to request in mobile app as default settings for each worlds uncheck all push up notfications except notiffy about attack .. why ? at this moment even if You didnt play on new world in mobile app (only via browser) , defaults checked notiffication from new stareted world...
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    swap position of use collecting reward's

    another idea ;) some times during collecting a reward's can be affected in error or triple click or any delay or mistake when clicking "collect reward" is also click for "use this reward" because is on middle position beetween refuse reward and store it . I request to swap position beetween...
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    Servers freeze in mass action of hundrets or thousand's attacks / supports on cities

    Hello , I have a question , because on some PL servers time to time when alliances make big actions for conquer cities on Wonder island ... servers are going to freeze mode ... no reports , if in this time has sended attack , support and units back to origin city , the query of returning...
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    "speed" on Gold exchange

    I have question about "Gold Exchange" trading speed ... compare beetween other worlds ZZ16 is 15min beetween city and stock on world 4/4/4 I play on another worlds Messyna PL server 6/6/6 20min Dimale PL server 4/4/4 20min Carphi Pl server 3/3/3 30min Mochlos PL server 3/2/3 20min...
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    Main Inventory - copy function from extended inventory

    Main inventory has limitation of 20 slots .. many times this same reward use few slots , extended inventory have "group" option of this same rewards and quantity of 5 this same rewards cost only one slot in inventory . I request to make this option to main inventory .
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    Aegean Battleships - main and daily rewards

    Hello I would like to request of Main and Daily revars goes to Extended Inventory - like in other events ( trial of slingers or spartan assasins ) after achive tree of armour or eggs tree the main revards has been add to extended inventory. in this battelship play event its a lot of...
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    remove limitation for condition of found new city

    Hello in past years , before update with new window for "what You need to achive for found new city" was a possibility to send few colony ships to any island (rock/villages) even if was no slots for this ... was a message with information You send a colony ship but You dont have free...