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    Olympus Revolt

    I'm fully understand it Revolt on temples and Olympus never will be good option this system wasnt prepred for this kind of system .. tell me one thing ... why developers didnt make on first revolt on Olympus worlds ??? simple idea of revolt dont play with Olympus end game ... I understand a...
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    Olympus Revolt

    everythig is possible , just need good will and resources to apply it ...
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    Olympus Revolt

    my opinion for players who love Revolt system , Olympus should be with two systems applied conquere players cities as Revolt system conquere temples and Olympus as siege one :) lets make a challenge for developers ;)
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Favor Production

    screenshot ?? but this what You wrote its functionality of third party script ( DIO by David ) if You stand ( no click ) on God icon , or lighting icon , its show favor production if You click on lighting shows spells which You can use on town . without script no info about favor production
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    Unconfirmed colony ship + brander + any land/myth unit

    i didnt say You are stupid , only argumentation .. no matter, my fault of missunderstatnding of brander/fire ships , Sorry for that
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    Unconfirmed colony ship + brander + any land/myth unit

    but this with brander wasnt a bug , brander is also battle ship just only for defending ... it was another solution for large amount of branders defending cities , without using a hydra's as i wrote before this solution i start using and not only me past years ago ... and works until +/-...
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    Unconfirmed colony ship + brander + any land/myth unit

    Hello , found on production PL servers ( Mesembria , Nagidos ) last time whe i use this configuration was 1,5-2 months ago on Helike world conquest system , without any problem i conquere a city 1 colony ship + 1 brander unit + land units attack for conquest a city with 120 branders in...
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    Limit on Gold

    rotfl ... 60k per day / month / year ... ? do You know about during a event can be spend on day even 30k of gold ...
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    Feedback: Tyche' Wheel of Fortune!

    big "-" for double bonus ... new event require 2 free slots when bonus x2 is on topic ... why You don't go with spirit of battleships .. and additional 1 prize go to extended inventory if no space in event inventory :(
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    Acknowledged Event: Refill of the Wheel

    it should be free ;) like in battle ships ... if You clear daily whell
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    Heroes teleport

    on speed worlds x4 /x6 its no problem to shifting assignation of Hero and managed build a army with event bonuses like Nereids .. but its a big problem on slow worlds <4 .. for my opinion assignation should be stable and not depend of world speed .. 1h30min is really acceptable assign...
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    Feedback: Aphrodite

    how many additional population we receive if will work Thermal Baths give 10% of basic or with bonus with Pygmalion
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    Fixed CAPTCHA Error

    @galanoulis i facing this issue with captcha many times if i collecting from hundrets of seas a gold from market on few serwers in short time ( reset of market has made on 4 servers in this same time ) re-captcha dont work correctly after 20-30 times google discovery that i'm BOT ;) and...
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    Fixed CAPTCHA Error

    this is a problem of google and Your ISP , change IP and will be works again ;) i has this problem from some providers ( specially on free wifi) however INNO should discovery in script that 3rd part service which is using in game doesnt work correctly and make a bypass of this issue without...
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Helmet of invisibility - bug ??

    exactly ;) bug of "bug fix" Thank You
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Helmet of invisibility - bug ??

    @Arci any info for return back previous version of cast spell of "helmet" in any time of travel time ? additional if it was as someone IDEA , to who we should to thank You for this irracional change .. who vote for this ..??
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    any info when can be possible use DIO on normal serwers ?
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Helmet of invisibility - bug ??

    last change unable to use/cast this spell even if is no more effect on attacking units - use of spell has been blocked pernamently when units reach 10% of travel
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    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Helmet of invisibility - bug ??

    Hello , as far I remeber ( 5 years of playing in grepo ) the spell of Helmet of invisibility can been cast on any time of travel a units , just if travel time was more than 10% of overall travel time , was a information about spell will dont have a effect but cast a spell was always...