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  1. Acknowledged No images

    links dont work
  2. Feedback: Temple Shielding

    I don't like that wink. I totally agree with Michaela: When you join the world, you have less than a month to prepare yourself for PvP and PvE. That way you restrict the PvP elements and the players are focusing on the Temples. This gameplay is losing its meaning and it's getting more boring...
  3. Acknowledged Temple's Gods Icon

    This problem is also to the spy reports
  4. Acknowledged Temple's Gods Icon

    The icon of the gods is missing. Also, wrong god icon in the temples with athena for god
  5. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    The whole is system is lagging with the olympus movements, fix your servers
  6. Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    Agree with that.
  7. Olympus // ZZ21

    Large Temples: At 21/8 Large Temples appear with shields. Today, 27/8 at 9:00:00 the Large Temples opened. At 09:00:00 01/09/2021, there will be Temple Shielding and at 09:00:00 09/09/2021 Olympus will spawn. We will lose 2 weeks from battle, because of Temples Shielding and as a result Olympus...
  8. Feedback: Pandora's Box 2021

    In my opinion, bad choice of event for the current situation here in zz21.
  9. Open world like sandbox 2

    You will need it
  10. Duplicate Heroes

    Okay, you can close it!
  11. Duplicate Heroes

    Ingame Nick: koyloarxidi123 Affected world(s): zz21 Browser: Google Chrome, Opera Reproduction steps: . I push the city bbcode and when i select the "go to" button it doesnt work . . Detailed error description (What you see): How it should be: It should let me select the city and if the city...
  12. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce And again: Temple shielding

    It is better to follow the protection's timetable, because it makes it more strategic and more difficult for an alliance to take it down. So there will be more battles and more strategies because there will be more time. All the alliances will be prepared and the gameplay will be more intresting.
  13. Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.244

    How many Large Temples will spawn at zz21? Because we have 2 new gods
  14. Feedback: Nerfing a deity – Ares Rebalancing

    I insist, there is no need for ladons in this game.. With their use, the rest of the mythics are neglected. And with Spartois and the Temples its a huge advantage for the offender.. There are no good defensive Temples and you are forcing the defender to wall up the city.. You added Aphrodite...
  15. Acknowledged Cave can no longer be displayed

    we cant do even the basics now with the bugs see also the simulator and the reports of spies when you message them, full of bugs
  16. Ladons

    Or a better solution, there is no need for ladons in this game.. And spartois.. Now the defenders have no chance against these With narcissism, ladons,spartois the game is over for defenders
  17. Ladons

    Rebalance the ladons, they are too op