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  1. Greposcore leaderboard for the current world

    Add greposcore leaderboard that counts only the points earned in the current world
  2. Changing god shouldn't remove currently trained divine envoys

    It doesn't what ? When you change god in city where you train divine envoys they disappear. I tested it just now just to make sure
  3. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Changing god removes currently trained divine envoys

    1. start training some divine envoys 2. change god 3. divine envoys in the process of training gone
  4. Ambush defense tactic research for heroes

    New research for academy level 34: Hero in the city can attack 20% of the weakest attacking units based on their defense values against the defending hero. What it means that if for example Deimos level 20 is defending the city against 1000 slingers for example he can apply the ambush tactic by...
  5. Library rebalance

    Currently library is completely useless. I don't think anyone seriously uses it. I think building a library should grant you ability to research anything without having to care about points for the given city. I don't really see any downside to this. Even if change like this would be made I...
  6. Changing god shouldn't remove currently trained divine envoys

    There's no reason for this. Already trained divine envoys stay in the city upon changing god but those in the process of training disappear. Shouldn't happen
  7. Battle points splitting during support

    So currently the system is really bad. It's based on population each player sent. So if someone sends only naval units and other people send land units and naval attack comes those who sent the land units are still getting battle points. It's unfair. It should be based on all the defense values...
  8. Plague rebalance

    Currently seems completely useless for 250 favor. Halving production for few hours has negligible effect. Only useful thing currently is probably using it as 1hour city protection that still allows good spells but it's still too costly. Would be good to either lower the favor cost or not change...
  9. Shortcut panel defaults

    Currently if you use shortcut panel with custom shortcuts you have to set it up for each world. Would be great to be able to set default.
  10. Global notes

    Currently you can save notes only for each world and you lose them after the world ends. Would be good to have some global notes for the account.
  11. Fire ships vs hydras

    It feels kinda weird that there exist a possibility of having like 1000 fire ships in a city and then one hydra with CS comes and it can happily land. Since hydras have 9 heads it should take 9 fire ships to kill it. Or if that's too low it can still be more but at least possibility of that...