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  1. Mim le Fay

    Feedback: Sandbox 24 - Olympus World - Revolt

    It would be very helpful, if there is a possibility for copy and paste the revolt-dates to Ingame Forum or Ingames Messages, just like the conquer report, but reduced on the dates are used for revolts. I guess, it will be fine, if you click on the city/temple info, contained a sheet for...
  2. Mim le Fay

    Feedback: Sandbox 24 - Olympus World - Revolt

    @Arci Are you really sure, this will be a revolt world? :?
  3. Mim le Fay

    Fixed No Buildings in Spy-Report

    @Arci Is this bug something we can expect on the actual live worlds?
  4. Mim le Fay

    app instalieren

    Hi Otto, you have to dial in the correct country. In this case, it is ZZ or named beta. You have to click on the flagg and than sroll the way down
  5. Mim le Fay

    Acknowledged Spell not working

  6. Mim le Fay

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce ZZ18 - Olympus still active

    Ingame Nick: Mim le Fay Affected world(s): ZZ18 Browser: Chrome Detailed error description (What you see): Olympus is still active and use the Curse every hour How it should be: Units should be send back by system, after somebody winning the world Screenshot:
  7. Mim le Fay

    Fixed zz18: Olympus overdue

    My support still stay at Olympus :?
  8. Mim le Fay

    Fixed zz18: Olympus overdue

    It's now gone. Thank you!
  9. Mim le Fay

    Fixed zz18: Olympus overdue

    Than it's overdue Overdue as well @Arci could you help?
  10. Mim le Fay

    Feedback: Aegean Battleships 2021

    May I ask you, whether they have changed something there? 50 points is a bit exaggerated
  11. Mim le Fay

    Awaiting feedback My game don't open

    Possible a problem with the virus protection or the firewall. You have to check!
  12. Mim le Fay

    Acknowledged Duration of transport time

    No, the set-up time is the time the units need, to enter the ships, saddle the horses or to put on their armor. Its alway time which added to the running time of an attack: When you move units from point A to point B, a so-called set-up time is added to the bare running time. This is calculated...
  13. Mim le Fay

    Unconfirmed No count of attacks in the temples

    As already confirmed at ticket from 2020-09-17 19:07:49 --> MIm le Fay ZZ18 there is no counting number on attacks with the temple overiew, but a 0 is always displayed here. On the other hand, the support movements will be counted. But - and thats the reason of this ticket- Today I saw a nice...
  14. Mim le Fay

    Olympus Revolt

    We - as the German Community and others - have had a lot of discussions during the time, Olympus was designed and the community has proven that this is not possible to play. Without any wall and with the curse of Olympus all temples will be permanent under revo. So the question is, how to play...
  15. Mim le Fay

    Olympus Revolt

    I guess you do not want to understand, right? Yes, of course you can program it all that way. But the players of a revolt world have chosen this consciously and do not want to have the game destroyed by a mix of both forms of conquest. And of course you can assume that the players don't want it...
  16. Mim le Fay

    Olympus Revolt

    I do not agree. There is a reason for the Revolt Player why the play this kind of game, and it is not possible, to split it in two several parts, because of the lead time.
  17. Mim le Fay

    Olympus Revolt

    To support a revo on olympus together with the curse should be really very heavy. An idea could be, to have the red revo time only for let's say one hour or two, instead of 12 hours with 12 curses, after the lead time of lets say the normal 12 hours. If I think about it, that should be a...
  18. Mim le Fay

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Favor Production

    Why do you not listen to the expirienced players :tongue: Thank you @Arci So many secrets; I am not really sure, if I like them all
  19. Mim le Fay

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Favor Production

    I guess, developer have done the field a little bit smaler. If you select the display of the existing favor - a few pixles more on the right hand, everything will be fine. This is something I have observed in several places in the UI.