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  1. Feedback: Changelog 2.280

    Any chance the 7 world wonders award will be awarded if a server is still open but that was accomplished?
  2. Feedback: Sandbox 24 - Olympus World - Revolt

    It isn't listed on my login page or in "other worlds" on that screen.
  3. Feedback: Dionysia 2022

    It may be just my short attention span :smile: but I wish I could drag the "send units" box away from the "mission description" area. I have to close the send units, re-read the description, then re-send - sometimes more than once.
  4. Feedback: Divine Trials 2022

    I was disappointed that as a 1K player I wasn't able to use the remaining 9K of EP on anything. I thought that maybe the reward row would scroll to more rewards. As it turned out, I just did very little the last days of the event as the tasks in the ongoing area were too advanced for me being...
  5. Feedback: Divine Trials 2022

    Wondering if the top rewards bar refills. I'm a small player (1,700 point city) and I easily completed enough to get all the top rewards. There are still four days left on the event and was hoping those would refill or scroll to more (as in Battleships).
  6. Feedback: Divine Trials 2022

    I popped into the world to play this event. The quest rewards (i.e. build hoplites) DO count towards your event task I have made the mistake of not clicking "Start" before fulfilling the requirements. Doh. Now I'm scrambling to build three MORE cave levels. Overall, I like this event. It...