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  1. Acknowledged Grepolympic Help Link

  2. Acknowledged Grepolympic Help Link

    Code: Ingame Nick: athenakazuo Affected world(s): zz26 Browser: Chrome Reproduction steps: .click on Event icon .click on ? . Detailed error description (What you see): Takes you to How it should be: Should take you to...
  3. Building Queue

    Thank you for explaining that further!
  4. Building Queue

    You mean change the order of what's being built? So if I have let's say a farm level, and an incoming attack with catapults that knocks the wall down a few levels, I can change the order so the wall can be built before the farm? What about when something is being built right then?
  5. Unconfirmed Island Quest Rewards

    Ingame Nick: athenakazuo Affected world(s): zz26 Browser: google chrome Reproduction steps: . do island quest . click to accept reward . Detailed error description (What you see): Reward doesn't always show the 3 options and gets deleted This has also happened to me on mobile as well How it...
  6. Easter Peace Time 2023

    It has been confirmed and announced.
  7. New Worlds

    Looks like the announcement was updated and the world is open.
  8. Easter Peace Time 2023

    Hopefully it will be confirmed before Saturday/Sunday
  9. New Worlds

    I agree. I would like to know the world speed as well. What if they decided something different and make the night bonus 00:00-07:30? I hope not, but it does need clarity.
  10. Easter Peace Time 2023

    My guess is probably not, but if there will be one it will be announced right before it starts.
  11. New Worlds

    I think the new era started a while ago with lack of updates on what Inno is doing with Grepolis and other previously mentioned things.
  12. New Worlds

    I will try to keep an eye out for that then.
  13. Feedback: Changelog 2.284

    they'd probably have to reset the server
  14. New Worlds

    The Announcement needs updated since both Sandbox 24 and Sandbox 25 are closed.
  15. Feedback: Changelog 2.284

    It still displays the incorrect time Olympus was held in Sandbox 25
  16. Feedback: Mythical Hen 2023

    Ok, that's what I thought, but was not sure on the time. I have not seen the red box since I got the notification that it was ending.
  17. Feedback: Mythical Hen 2023

    Will a new server open before the event starts? Will it apply Sandbox 25?
  18. Daylight Savings time

    Thanks for the info!
  19. Daylight Savings time

    When will spring forward happen? I remember in October/November the server did the daylight savings time for the server and fell back 1 hour. I wonder when or if it will happen for spring.