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  1. moonlight900

    Awaiting feedback Disappeared text

    The powers and spells active on the city have disappeared as well as all the texts relating to gold coins and battle points
  2. moonlight900

    Duplicate New spell don't exist

    In the city spell casting screen there is a new spell that cannot be cast among those of artemide with the illusion logo
  3. moonlight900

    Awaiting feedback Highlight Options display none

    Ingame Nick: moonlight900 Affected world(s): zz15-zz13 Browser: Chome Detailed error description (What you see): The Highlight Options feature is hidden How it should be: The Highlight Options feature should be visible On the google chrome browser the Highlight Options function remains never...
  4. moonlight900

    Domination objective

    The value of domination objective would have to decrease after 14 days according to what is written in the information of the domain on the server zz10. To date, 20 days have not yet decreased since the start of the period. Is there any particular reason?