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  1. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged temple / problem with message

    zutetrezut: Affected world(s): zz16 Detailed error description (What you see): I received this message, but this temple is not one of OURS.
  2. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged not the same thing with the apply and the computer

    SB14 apply with android 7.0 I have only 1 city and it is under siege (I'm giving the city... no stake, so I tried different things..) You can do more things with the apply than with the computer. with the computer you can do absolutly nothing … always the message about the city is being...
  3. zutetrezut

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce activity / inactivity

    Ingame Nick: zutetrezut Affected world(s): zz8 Browser: chrome - since 2 days - I disabled the extensions. - it works on my normal world (the problem doesn't come from my computer) - other players on SB8 reported the same problem
  4. zutetrezut

    Duplicate spam Hen come back

    I don't think a sprint screen is necessary :( The spam came back ! We must we must eat this hen ! on zz8
  5. zutetrezut

    Fixed Event : stop messages !!!

    180 messages like this... still growing !
  6. zutetrezut

    not enough farm spaces

    I don't think it's a bug, but it's strange and I don't understand... (lol, don't try to reproduce on my cities !) A player sent a lightning bolt on my city : he broke 1 level of marketplace -> free population 3. Why I need 4 population to rebuild ? Of course I wasn't building troops. He didn't...
  7. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged no more "cities list" in overviews

    sandbox 5 with chrome and without DIO tools (where there are other problems... we can't use it) with administrator after the new update, I can't see the "cities list" in overviews
  8. zutetrezut

    Fixed Grepolympia / archery / no medal

    on sandbox5 I know that I'm not very good (and it isn't very important), but... why ?
  9. zutetrezut

    Fixed problem to join Support

    Since a while, I can't join Grepolis Support : it said my password is invalid / I know my password !! "Otherwise, please enter a valid email address to create a support ticket. You will be required to validate your email address." I did it, but I received nothing. Did you block me ? ;)
  10. zutetrezut

    Fixed I can't go out VM :(

    world : my 2 bêta worlds (SANDBOX and sandbox5) - no problem with french servor playing with Chrome I'm not sure it's a bug, but I don't know where cry :(( I can't go out VM. I hope you will able to say me what I can do (of course I already cleaned cookies etc) and I'm "trying later" since 2...
  11. zutetrezut

    Fixed no festivals

    player : zutetrezut world : SANDBOX I play usually with google chrome - Version 53.0.2785.116 m (64-bit) Since last night, festivals with administrator doesn't work. (with Agora, it's ok, but… a bit long !! ) We already have similar problem a long time ago (around 1 year). I remember...
  12. zutetrezut

    Fixed new event already finished ?

    on SANDBOX lol, I know that I'll finish quickly... but I didn't begin...
  13. zutetrezut

    Fixed problem with farming villages

    Hello, on SANDBOX impossible to use farming villages : exchange resources, or loot... :(