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  1. buffysara

    Fixed Sparta vs. Hades Battleground Cooldowntime will not be shown

    Buffysara zz2, zz12 Firefox and Opera The cooldown time of the battlefields after a victory is not displayed. Neither with mouseover nor with click. Only the hourglass can be see.
  2. buffysara

    Acknowledged daily update 14.07.2021

    buffysara firefox, Opera zz2 zz12 zz22 daily update something is wrong with the daily update after that, the wheel comes on for almost a second with every action (ctiy view) especially here liveworlds worlds are ok
  3. buffysara

    Fixed No Buildings in Spy-Report

    Sandbox 2 buffysara Firefox if you publish a spy report in the forum or a PN, the buildings are missing original Spy
  4. buffysara

    Fixed Easter Peace Time does not work

    I can send colony ships arriving after 10pm on April 3rd that shouldn't be possible buffysara zz2
  5. buffysara

    Fixed world selection page

    Look at this You can log in by click on the World Browser doesn't matter Masteraccount doesn't matter Buffysara and Buffy sara
  6. buffysara

    Fixed Event Winter time

    Buffysara zz2 Firefox Die Zeitumstellung hat beim Event nicht geklappt. Neue Zutaten sind bereits ab 23 Uhr verfügbar und werden aber noch für den alten Tag gezählt. So habe ich heute insgesamt 20 erhalten. The time change did not work at the event. New ingredients are already available from...
  7. buffysara

    Fixed Banner have Stripes

    Buffysara zz 2, zz 12 Firefox banner has two vertical stripes the color of the stripes corresponds to the respective background
  8. buffysara

    Fixed Olympus Tab Ranking internal error

    zz16 Temple - Olympus Tab ranking does not open opera
  9. buffysara

    Spartan Assassins 2020 Shop

    shop until May 28th?
  10. buffysara

    Fixed zz2 does not load

    Buffysara zz2 Firefox wasn jetzt wieder los Bei mir wird Sandbox 2 mit 800 Städten nicht mehr richtig geladen nichts ist anklickbar Sandbox 12 mit 9 Städten ist ok wasn going on now ? For me Sandbox 2 with 800 cities is no longer loaded correctly nothing is clickable Sandbox 12 with 9 cities is ok
  11. buffysara

    Acknowledged Small Temple wrong open time

    zz 16 opera
  12. buffysara

    Fixed Culture Overview did not work

    Buffysara zz2 Firefox open Culture overview and see nothing Ich müsste rund 800 Stadtfeste bereit haben. Sie lassen sich unten auch nicht auslösen. Auch die möglichen Triumphzüge gehen nicht, ebenso Olympic games Gestern arbeitete alles noch korrekt und ich hatte genausoviele Städte. I should...
  13. buffysara

    Acknowledged I cant see Pact Events

    Buffysara zz2 Firefox open Alliance tab pact events and see nothing Tabs Events and Conquests works fine
  14. buffysara

    Fixed I cant Login

    Ich kann mich mit meinen beiden Accounts nicht einloggen. Buffysara zz2 and zz12 Buffy sara zz13 and zz14 Es wird behauptet der Spieler existiert nicht. Supportsystem dasselbe. I can not log in with my two accounts. Buffysara zz2 and zz12 Buffy sara zz13 and zz14 It is said that the player does...
  15. buffysara

    Feedback: Incantation Circle 2019

    In the event announcement and Wiki, 50 incantations are required to get the heroine. Ingame but only 24. What is wrong ?
  16. buffysara

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Wrong Laurels Grepolympia 2019

    Once again Ich hab so den Verdacht das die Laurels wieder nicht stimmen. Hab bei 1.327 Meter nur 40 bekommen: Laut Wiki müssten es 50 sein. I suspect that the Laurels are not right again. Got only 40 at 1.327 meters: According to Wiki, it should be 50.
  17. buffysara

    Fixed Cant open zz 12

    I see only a white Screen Url is this
  18. buffysara

    Fixed Alliance Overview is missing

    Sandbox 2 Firefox I cant see any Event or Conquest or pact event
  19. buffysara

    Fixed Lysippe