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  1. moonlight900

    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.254

    @Arci update 2.255 is coming to live worlds, but here on the beta it has not been indicated. Was it loaded and tried without knowing it or is it an update directly for live worlds?
  2. moonlight900

    Feedback: Temple Shielding

    I join in the outbursts. The Devblog should have the function of sharing the development phases with users, but each time you only get new implementations that are not the result of any comparison. Years ago the Player Council was introduced and, personally, I found it an excellent solution and...
  3. moonlight900

    Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    Thank you for understanding the frustration that accompanies my words
  4. moonlight900

    Feedback: Olympus Rebalancing and changes

    @Arci, On 24/10/2019 the revolt players were informed that Olimpo, for them, could have come out late. Let's forget for a moment that releasing a final game for only one of the two grepolis modes is an incredible error, but let's reflect that 22 months have passed since then. 22 months of...
  5. moonlight900

    Unconfirmed Warning Ares Fury

    I don't understand, to have a sacrifice with that fury there would have to be a sacrifice greater than 100 units.
  6. moonlight900

    Feedback: Ares

    Planning an attack with a certain speed determines a launch time, but as the hero cannot be added to the attack planner, when you open the attack window and add the hero the attack becomes slower and the launch time it is gone. It is a situation that already occurred at the beginning when...
  7. moonlight900

    Feedback: Ares

    The value of the speed depends from the speed of the server. Unit sped * speed server = 100*2=200
  8. moonlight900

    Feedback: Ares

    There is a problem about the speed. Tha ladon has speed 100, but the all heros have speed 35, only Atalanta has speed 40. There is impossible using the attack planner
  9. moonlight900

    Feedback: Ares

    The values currently available in the game data are very different from those entered today. The ladons are units dependent on the barracks as requirements and the spartoi, in addition to having a different population, also have a different type of attack (blunt, not sharp). Are there any...
  10. moonlight900

    Feedback: Community Preview 2021

    Is there an approximate date when browser notifications will also be available in other communities?
  11. moonlight900

    Awaiting feedback Disappeared text

    The powers and spells active on the city have disappeared as well as all the texts relating to gold coins and battle points
  12. moonlight900

    Feedback: Anti-Spam attack prevention

    «A player tries to send 12 attacks from the same city within 60 seconds.» If one throws 11 attacks from one city, then moves to 11 from another, then 11 from another works the same, ecc, the system does not act In addition, if you launch 12 attacks in 61 seconds, which is just over one attack...
  13. moonlight900

    Feedback: Incantation Circle 2020

    I prefer the new powers only in case Innogames totally remove the old ones. The presence of both, with the old ones that can only be purchased in packages, creates a bigger gap between players. The possibility of quadrupling the points would be the prerogative of a little number of players and...
  14. moonlight900

    Feedback: Incantation Circle 2020

    Will the old PB powers still be available for purchase in packs? Avoiding the abuse of a power is not very effective if you just spend something to get it. In this way, only players who use packs benefit
  15. moonlight900

    Feedback: Aegean Battleships 2020

    During a reflection in my alliance we reflected that rather than reducing the effect of the readiness, it would be more useful for the game mechanics to reduce the cost of the triumphal marches. In this way war actions would be encouraged and readiness can also be eliminated. The reduction...
  16. moonlight900

    Duplicate New spell don't exist

    I didn't see the post after the research
  17. moonlight900

    Duplicate New spell don't exist

    In the city spell casting screen there is a new spell that cannot be cast among those of artemide with the illusion logo
  18. moonlight900

    Awaiting feedback Highlight Options display none

    Ingame Nick: moonlight900 Affected world(s): zz15-zz13 Browser: Chome Detailed error description (What you see): The Highlight Options feature is hidden How it should be: The Highlight Options feature should be visible On the google chrome browser the Highlight Options function remains never...
  19. moonlight900

    Feedback: Browser changelog 2.203

    Yes, I am iranes in the German forum. The profile picture and the signature are the real distinctions that I have in common on the various forums. Thanks, contact immediately. I am working in an attempt to incorporate some quack functions into the flask to avoid success as with the Diony script
  20. moonlight900

    Feedback: Peace Time Test

    In reference to the use of the term colonization, in Italy, it would be better if it used the word conquest since colonization is actually allowed. As for the verb, instead, even in this it would be better to replace start with do arrive for a semantic question