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  1. zutetrezut

    Fixed Login Problems

    Not everything works, but at least we can connect. What fair play ! Have taken advantage of the bug to send CS to the players who couldn't connect !
  2. zutetrezut

    Fixed No access to town caves

    Ingame Nick: zutetrezut Affected world(s): Sandbox 16 Browser: Google Chrome I can see my caves. But since yesterday, exactly the same thing about my notes. It works on regular worlds.
  3. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged temple / problem with message

    zutetrezut: Affected world(s): zz16 Detailed error description (What you see): I received this message, but this temple is not one of OURS.
  4. zutetrezut

    Fixed Island dissapeard

    they may be in quarantine
  5. zutetrezut

    Fixed Island dissapeard

    at least the cities still exist, we can open them, build, take resources ;) my island 770291 disappeared ... but the 2 cities are here, but invisible
  6. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged Rewards from quests disappear

    the same thing I tried to put the reward in the inventory, but it was full. The message was normal : the inventory is full. So I tried to use it in a city. The reward disappeared.
  7. zutetrezut

    New world

    We are expecting a normal world (not casual) and fast, with revolt. The idea of Mim le Fay about the size of the alliances is good ... but 5 players is very little ... why not around 10.
  8. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged not the same thing with the apply and the computer

    SB14 apply with android 7.0 I have only 1 city and it is under siege (I'm giving the city... no stake, so I tried different things..) You can do more things with the apply than with the computer. with the computer you can do absolutly nothing … always the message about the city is being...
  9. zutetrezut

    Feedback: Packages

    Grepolis has the big advantage that you can play without paying : I have never spent 1 euro (thank you to those who pay to make the game live ;)
  10. zutetrezut

    ZZ8 Top 12

    .... waiting the world close.... Finally Ichor didn't win
  11. zutetrezut

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    congratulation to Dominators I use to stay until the closing of the worlds ... but there, what is the interest of a week without a fight ? without being able to take city ?
  12. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged Support sent to ghost cities

    the same thing on SB8
  13. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged WW information

    it works with the mobil-appli, not with computer
  14. zutetrezut

    right down corner notification

    it is not wrong ... often we can't know who has fun with the attacks immediately canceled (and we can not take revenge ! ;)
  15. zutetrezut

    Feedback: Domination World - Sandbox 10

    I agree with Mim (I wanted to write the same thing) : a chronometer is essential ... ... and logical since the objective is to dominate 7 days (in the wonders mode, it is a question of level, no of time ... and we can more or less see the level of the wonders of the opponents). I didn't know...
  16. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged WW information

    ... and even without expansions and scripts, and after big cleaning of cookies etc
  17. zutetrezut

    Acknowledged WW information

    Still "blocked" ... we want accelerate (lol, we waited a long time ... we are in a hurry to finish ;) (exactly the same thing, except I play with chrome)
  18. zutetrezut

    Awaiting feedback can't log in

    Affected world(s): zz8 Browser: chrome yes, I have the same thing sometimes it solves itself : I close everything and start again
  19. zutetrezut

    Change in ban's notification

    Indeed, it's a good idea. As founder, we know that a player is banned. But we don't react in the same way if it is because of insults or vulgar names cities (a little moral lesson is enough), or for use of bot or double account. And knowing the duration of the "punishment" would better manage...
  20. zutetrezut

    Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce activity / inactivity

    it's why I asked : do you have a link to join GRCR developpers ?