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  1. Fixed Cant enter the game

    it's working now again. Thank you. 15:45 CET
  2. Fixed Cant enter the game

    same here on 3 worlds, on desktop Chrome and Avast Browser.. since refresh release. The same applies for Mobile login. (SB2, SB22, SB23)
  3. Fixed Island Quests not all working on ZZ22

    it's repaired. it worked 9 a.m on SB23, on SB22 + SB2 the quest dissapeared before. Thanks
  4. Fixed Island Quests not all working on ZZ22

    I have the same on SB2 and SB23 since yesterday at least
  5. Unconfirmed Alliance Forum bug on Chrome/Windows 10

    Milou the Great: zz22: Chrome: Reproduction steps: . . . When I open the forum, the post first shows, then gets transparent, so if I have e.g. the message folder open, I can see that one. Then I have to scroll down, maybe 3-5 times before I can get a view of the forum entry say just done by a...